Progress at Botánica Championship Golf Course Continues with an Environmental Edge

Since the beginning of construction of Botánica Golf Course in November of last year, great progress has been made in the formation of holes and the preparation for play. Currently, holes 1-4 and the majority of hole 5 is fully grassed and filling in nicely. Plans for the grassing of the remaining holes includes an interesting growth and propagation approach that is consistent with Guacalito’s dedication to environmental preservation and care.

Grassing at Botánica Championship Golf Course at Guacalito de la Isla
Care, propagation and maintenance of the Seashore Paspalum grassing at Botánica Golf Course.

The grass that was selected for planting at Botánica is a fine-bladed Seashore Paspalum. Developed by the University of Georgia, this cultivar thrives on salt water. Perfect for Guacalito’s salty ocean side fairways, the Seashore Paspalum can also be irrigated with recycled, non-potable or brackish water, making it a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly selection for the community.  Seashore Paspalum is also a self-propagating species. The grass currently being cared for on holes 1-5 will eventually be harvested and transplanted into the remaining holes on the course.

Golf Course Project Managers Chip Caswell and Casey Krahenbuhl have been overseeing the continued development of Botánica, including the completion of cart paths for holes 1-4. We’ll be sharing their progress in future editions of Tres Ceibas.

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